School Board 101

By Debbie Wuthnow

 School Board 101

The students of today become the leaders of tomorrow--school board elections can shape the future of our country.

Across the nation, parents are in an uproar. They know we are at risk of losing our children—even those from Christian homes who have been raised to value freedom—and they know we must act now.

Many of the problems that threaten our nation today can be traced to years of misplaced priorities in our public schools. Our children are not learning how to become citizens who appreciate, defend, and cultivate the values and principles upon which our nation was founded. Much of this responsibility and power rests with our school boards—positions largely overlooked by the general public, but captured by Leftist organizations and special interest groups who have exercised their influence over our children for far too long.

The good news is, with relatively few votes compared to higher office elections, the trajectory of our school boards and the nation can start to change when principled candidates are elected.

This is why iVoterGuide launched our School Board Voter Awareness Initiative – a trial program to equip Christian and conservative voters to engage in these high-impact elections.

We began in 2021 by educating voters about the school board. We wrote an eBook, Whose Side are They On? Finding Out What Your Local School Board Candidates Really Believe. Finding information on local candidates can be difficult, and our goal is for this eBook to be a personal starter kit to help voters discover what those running for their school board really believe about important issues.

Then we did a pilot run evaluating candidates in 49 school board races in Texas.

What we found was immensely encouraging – 9% to 50% of those who voted used iVoterGuide, and the cost is very reasonable. We can research an entire school district for approximately $1250. That’s a major personal impact considering the thousands upon thousands of young lives you will touch.

The next generation is counting on us to be on the side of freedom and opportunity. They are depending on us to ensure they are taught the values and principles that built America into the destination of millions fleeing oppression and injustice at the hands of dictators, despots and tyrants.

That’s why it is critical you learn what plans your local school board candidates have for your children and grandchildren. Once you learn, though, you must act. Being aware of the problem won’t matter if Christian voters don’t know which school board candidates support their values and interests.

Where possible, our team of researchers will do the work for you--combing through candidates’ social media, websites, public statements, voting records, political associations, and more. We’ll also look for “code words” that can reveal a position so voters have quick, easy access to the truth.

While we will target key elections in our voter guide, it is impossible for us to evaluate the thousands of candidates in over 16,000 school districts nationwide. That is why we are providing additional resources on this page to help you be an informed voter and confront destructive ideologies in your own district. We hope you will use and share them with others in your community.

Take our quiz to test your knowledge of how bad the problem is, then watch the videos below of courageous parents taking a stand. Read and share our eBook to equip you to take action in your district. Lastly, give to our initiative to help inform voters in as many school districts as possible across the country.

Please join us as we seek to make the difference in countless school board elections, kids’ lives, and America’s future.

You can now see this information -- and more -- on our new School Board Initiative page.

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