Election Ripple Effect

By Debbie Wuthnow

State and Judicial Elections:
How They Impact National Politics

"All politics is local.”  ~Thomas P. “Tip” O'Neill

In the months ahead, the makeup and actions of State Legislatures and State Courts and the outcome of the 2020 Census will impact how our representation will change for the ensuing decade. Who we place in office now is critically important not only to our immediate future, but also to the legacy we leave for future generations.

An article in 2018 cited redistricting cases that were pending in Wisconsin, Maryland, Texas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, Michigan, Georgia and Alabama. The outcome of these cases impacts the makeup of state legislatures and, in some cases, Congressional districts.

In Wisconsin, a bellwether state in recent national elections, 2019’s State Supreme Court race has drawn lots of interest, attention, and ultimately dollars because of the impact the successful candidate might have on the bitter redistricting dispute in that state.

Redistricting isn’t the only way states have an impact on national politics. State legislatures also approve dates for the Party Primaries, and a current proposal in Ohio would result in that state’s electoral votes being awarded to the national popular vote winner. For any student of the Constitution, this is contrary to the Constitutional Republic our Founding Fathers established.

What does all this mean? Well, for iVoterGuide, it means that we must continue to provide Judeo-Christian voters with in-depth, high-quality information about candidates in as many states and as far down the ballot as possible.

For our iVoterGuide family, it means spreading the word about the ripple effect of each election, and making sure our friends and family get the facts before they go to the polls.

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