Decoding the Left's Lies

By Debbie Wuthnow

Words can be used to clarify. Words can also be used to “spin” or distort.

Part of iVoterGuide’s mission is to clarify issues when politicians try to distort them. This election year, our team is working overtime to “break the code words” politicians use to try to fool Judeo-Christian voters.

We’ve seen just this year how easily words can be abused. The White House, along with their liberal allies in the media, literally tried to redefine the word “recession” to avoid accountability for our economic freefall.

Political spin is one of the many reasons we need clarity and factual accuracy in elections—and it’s why we do what we do.

iVoterGuide is helping “break the code” by clarifying candidates’ positions and giving voters the raw, unvarnished, easy-to-understand truth so they can make informed decisions.

  Here are a few examples of the “code words” we are fighting against that twist the truth and deceive voters into voting AGAINST their own beliefs and values:

CODE: “Reproductive healthcare” or “Reproductive access”

TRANSLATION: Abortion of unborn human beings, often without restriction for all nine months of pregnancy and often funded with taxpayer dollars. This also often means taxpayer funding of contraception in public schools, college campuses and even workplaces.

In examining thousands of candidates across the country, we typically found the above code used by wishy-washy politicians trying to appease both sides when they address legislative or party platform language on the sanctity of life.

Make no mistake: Politicians using this code are almost never truly

CODE: “Gender-affirming care”

TRANSLATION: Radical and dangerous sex-change procedures, including artificial hormone injection and surgically re-creating reproductive organs—which often means genital mutilation. Such procedures are increasingly being pushed on minors, sometimes as early as middle and elementary school.

Studies show that far from curing problems, these procedures often magnify the problems of those struggling with their sexuality during adolescence (the suicide rate is actually higher post-procedure than prior to the procedure).

Voters must ensure the candidates they vote for are not being fooled by this deeply harmful rhetoric—or worse, covertly supporting it.

CODE: “Expand voting rights”

TRANSLATION: Enable ineligible voters to vote. This deliberately makes election fraud difficult to detect, difficult to investigate, and difficult to prosecute effectively.

The following are some examples of this dangerous code in action: stopping the cleaning up of voter rolls, expanding automatic voter registration and early voting, introducing same-day voter registration, allowing online voter registration and absentee ballot requests, letting voters opt-in to automatic mail-in ballots, pre-registration of minors as young as 16, not requiring any official photo ID to vote, and more.

As you’ll notice, all of these proposals disproportionately benefit the Left, since they would have a greater impact in highly concentrated urban areas which always vote more liberal and many of these measures would also incentivize inexperienced, low-information voters who are more likely influenced by the mainstream media.

We must elect leaders who will recognize the threat and the lie of “expanding voter rights” and stand up to those proposing this nonsense.

CODE: “Social Emotional Learning (SEL)” or “Whole-child education”

TRANSLATION: Harmful indoctrination based on feelings rather than facts. Instead of teaching schoolchildren tried-and-true facts regarding history, science, math, etc., this new methodology focuses on teaching kids to “get in touch with your senses and your feelings,” consider that “your truth may be different from the truth of others,” and “explore your identity.”

This often manifests itself as Critical Race Theory (CRT), graphic sex-ed literature taught as young as elementary school, teachers asking students about their “gender identity” and picking out “preferred pronouns,” and radical events like “drag queen story hour” (this actually happened in a town right next to mine)!

Our children deserve better than this woke, progressive garbage.

CODE: “_____ justice” (Environmental, economic, racial, social, etc.)

TRANSLATION: Forced redistribution of wealth, property, and income from “oppressor” groups to favored “oppressed” groups, usually funded by higher taxes on the oppressor groups.

Many candidates using the above code words support policies or platforms that amount to socialism. These terms are usually just an excuse to offer handouts in an attempt to earn minority votes, appease the woke mob and “politically correct” police, cater to climate change alarmists, and generally sow division.

Voters must be aware of the spineless politicians willing to play these games so they can vote for candidates who will not cave to the pressure.

You Can Be a Codebreaker

As I’m sure you’ve read, numerous races are going down to the wire. And many are predicting a “red wave,” but it will not happen by itself—especially with the Left doing their best to push back.

Faith-based voters must get out and vote in record numbers—and they must be properly equipped to vote for the right candidates!

iVoterGuide has proven to be the key difference maker in hundreds of races up and down the ballot across the nation for years, and we are working to make 2022 the biggest year yet, providing clear information on candidates to the voters who will decide America’s future.

Let’s decode the Left’s lies together.

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