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1. Should the Healthcare law be repealed?

SUPPORTS: On his website he says, " Return our educational and healthcare systems to the control of more local governments. These systems were working effectively until the middle 1960s. Then the federal government began to take control, with disastrous results. We must get the federal government out of our educational and healthcare systems, and must also allow prescription drugs to be available inside the United States at the lowest price that they are available anywhere in the world. Government over-regulation of these systems, as well as our businesses and our daily lives in general, directly reduces productivity and competition, which in turn puts an enormous and unnecessary strain upon our small businesses, inflates prices, and takes away jobs." Source:

2. Should the definition of marriage be broadened beyond one man and one woman by state or federal government?

SUPPORTS: In reference to a ballot initiative that would define marriage in Ohio's Constitution as a union of two consenting adults, the candidate says, "Unlike Mitt Romney or President Obama, Governor Johnson and I believe the right to marry who we choose is a constitutionally protected right," Mr. Gray said. "Governor Johnson and I are proud to lend our support, and urge the good people of Ohio to put their state on the side of equality and against government being in the business of deciding who can marry whom." Source:

3. What is your position on expanding gun control?

MIXED: In an August 12, 2012 OC Blog article, the candidate showed support for gun ownership rights. But added, ""I don't think people should own a bazooka, for example," said Gray in a recent Illinois radio interview. "You know, you can own a Sherman tank but can you have a 22 millimeter gun on it? So there's a discussion that should be had on that, of course." Source:

4. What is your position on abortion?

SUPPORTS: In an October 15, 2012 article, he states, "My religious beliefs, or those of anyone in the federal government, should not be imposed upon the freedom of women to make their own deeply personal decisions. Source:

5. What is your position on tax increases?

OPPOSES: On his website, he says, “Reform our country's Income Tax system by replacing it with a Flat Tax, FAIR Tax, or National Sales Tax. By doing this, almost everyone will receive a huge ‘tax break’ by a reduction of fraud, administrative and accounting expenses, and favoritism, even if they actually continue to pay the same amount of taxes.” Source:


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