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Maryalice Newborn

Republican , Pennsylvania


Maryalice Newborn
State Rep., Dist. 54

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Firearms Owners Against Crime


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Human life begins at conception and deserves legal protection at every stage until natural death.

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I am in favor of construction of a wall and other necessary infrastructure on our border that gives complete control over entering and exiting the United States.


Governments should not discriminate against individuals, organizations or small businesses because of their belief that marriage is only a union of one man and one woman.

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Governments should define marriage as between one man and one woman; no other definition of marriage should be legalized or supported with taxpayer or public funds.

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It is the government’s responsibility to be sure everyone has a livable income.


It is the government’s responsibility to be sure everyone has health insurance.

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Judeo-Christian values established a framework of morality which permitted our system of limited government.


More restrictive gun control is needed to protect public safety.

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Free enterprise and the right to private property are essential elements of a productive economic system.

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Religious liberty is at risk in the United States and deserves the highest level of protection in the law.

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Any teaching to children on sex education in public schools must include all contraceptive methods, and should not show preference to abstinence.

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People should be able to vote without photo identification.

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Abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood, should not receive funds from federal, state, or local governments.

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Islamic law (Sharia) should take precedence over national and state laws where there are Islamic majority communities in the U. S.

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The state constitution should limit the growth of spending to the rate of population growth plus the rate of inflation.

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Congress should pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.

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People should be allowed to use public restrooms, showers, and changing rooms based on "gender identity."

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I support sanctuary cities.

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I support the death penalty.


Tuition-free public education should be guaranteed through college.


The best way to maintain peace is through a strong military.


Parents should be the primary authority in decisions affecting their minor children.

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Mandatory minimum sentencing should be required and enforced for violent crimes.

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I voted in these primaries and general elections:

2010 General Election, 2010 Republican Primary, 2012 General Election, 2012 Republican Primary, 2014 General Election, 2014 Republican Primary, 2016 General Election, 2016 Republican Primary

Under what circumstances should abortion be allowed?

None. I do not consider any situation grave enough to take the life of an unborn child.

What in the nature of mankind caused America’s Founders to carefully define, separate, and limit powers in the Constitution?

The Founding Fathers often cited, “The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked; who can know it?” (Jeremiah 17:9) The government needs to have separation of powers so as to limit the power of each branch and the power of any man.

Briefly describe your spiritual beliefs and values.

I believe that God created all things perfect. Man fell from grace and sin entered the world. Jesus Christ came to save the world from our sins. The only way to God the Father in heaven is through a personal relationship with Jesus.

When you consider your views on a wide range of issues from economic and social matters to foreign policy and immigration, which of the following best describes you overall?

Very Conservative

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What is the best way to bring down unemployment?

I believe that the desire to work is inherent in people and that the government should not inhibit. All able bodied people should work and government entitlements should be given only to those who are unable to work. The government should reduce corporate taxes and regulations on businesses in order to increase the available jobs. Therefore, combining the desire, the ability and the environment to work, unemployment will decrease.

How would you promote healthcare coverage that is adequate, affordable and accessible for all?

Reduce costs.

What role should government play in boosting the economy?

The economy is boosted by the flow of money. Government can reduce regulations so that constraints are loosened on businesses. Government can reduce corporate taxes so that more money is available for company growth and more jobs. When there are more jobs, more money flows into the community.

What education or experience qualifies you to hold the office for which you seek election?

My formal education in business, science, and technology forms the necessary foundation to analyze complex issues. I have a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Marquette University, a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, a Master of Business Administration from Duquesne University, and graduate work in Computer Science from National Technological University. I am a Pennsylvania State Registered Professional Engineer and FEMA certified in Emergency Management.

E-mail address and phone number for voters to reach you: 724-237-9184

Is there anything else you would like voters to know about you?

I am a problem solver. I know the efforts required in legislating solutions. I was a major contributor to eight education bills, with two being signed into law, significantly changing the status quo. I also worked on two laws to protect children from abuse. I homeschooled my five children for over twenty years. After high school, they all went on to college and graduate schools. Today they are: a lawyer, a college mathematics professor, a medical student, a chemistry doctorate student, and an occupational therapy doctorate student.


  • Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, MSME, 1983
  • Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, MBA, 1985
  • Marquette University, Milwaukee, BSME, 1979
Work & Military
  • (Candidate did not provide)
  • Pennsylvania Home Educators Association, leader
  • Cornerstone Ministries, contributor
  • Freedom Evaluators Network Ministries, leader
  • The Learning Center, leader
  • Vision of Hope Ministries, contributor
  • Women's Choice Network, contributor
  • (Candidate did not provide)

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