Primary Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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U.S. Senator
  Charles Barman Republican Leans Conservative
  Griffin Jones Republican Moderate
  George Lucia Republican Moderate
  Kevin Nicholson Republican Conservative
  Leah Vukmir Republican Conservative
U.S. Rep., Dist. 1
  Brad Boivin Republican Not Evaluated
  Paul Nehlen III Republican Leans Conservative
  Nick Polce Republican Conservative
  Jeremy Ryan Republican Liberal
  Kevin Steen Republican Conservative
  Bryan Steil Republican Moderate
U.S. Rep., Dist. 4
  Tim Rogers Republican Insufficient Information
  Cindy Werner Republican Leans Conservative
U.S. Rep., Dist. 5
  Jennifer Hoppe Vipond Republican Moderate
  Jim Sensenbrenner Jr. Republican Conservative
  Robert Meyer Republican Liberal
  Scott Walker Republican Conservative
Secretary of State
  Jay Schroeder Republican Conservative
  Spencer Zimmerman Republican Conservative
  Travis Hartwig Republican Leans Conservative
  Jill Millies Republican Liberal
State Senator, Dist. 1
  Andre Jacque Republican Verified Conservative
  Bill Nauta Republican Insufficient Information
Repr. to the Assembly, Dist. 2
  Dean Raasch Republican Leans Conservative
  Shae Sortwell Republican Conservative
Repr. to the Assembly, Dist. 14
  Matt Adamczyk Republican Leans Conservative
  Linda Boucher Republican Insufficient Information
  Robin Moore Republican Conservative
  Joshua Parr Republican Leans Conservative
Repr. to the Assembly, Dist. 59
  Ty Bodden Republican Conservative
  Ken Depperman Republican Insufficient Information
  Rachel Mixon Republican Conservative
  Timothy Ramthun Republican Conservative
Repr. to the Assembly, Dist. 62
  John Leiber Republican Leans Conservative
  Robert Wittke Republican Leans Conservative
Repr. to the Assembly, Dist. 86
  Brent Jacobson Republican Moderate
  John Spiros Republican Leans Conservative

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Printed Saturday, May 28, 2022.