Meet Our Team


Walker Wildmon

Chief Executive Officer, AFA Action

In addition to his duties with American Family Association (AFA) Action, Walker is Vice President of Operations and serves as a spokesman for AFA. He has been quoted by CNN, Fox News and other major news outlets. Walker graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in Political Science and is happily married with three children.

Rob Chambers

Executive Vice President, AFA Action

Rob serves as Executive Vice President of American Family Association (AFA) Action and Vice President of Policy and Legislative Affairs for AFA. In addition to his studies in philosophy and religion at the University of Mississippi and bioethics at Trinity International University, Rob holds the Master of Divinity degree from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary as well as the Master of Theology from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Debbie Wuthnow

President of iVoterGuide and Vice President, AFA Action

Debbie joined iVoterGuide in 2010 and was instrumental in making iVoterGuide the national tool you use today. By 2014 she was named Director of Operations, and by 2016 had become Executive Director. Debbie holds a master’s degree from Princeton University and now serves as President of iVoterGuide and as member of the Board of Directors of American Family Association (AFA) Action.

iVoterGuide is a division of AFA Action. Visit to learn more.


Richard Ford

Founder, iVoterGuide

Richard has dedicated his whole life to helping Christians be better stewards of their God-ordained authority to vote. Richard founded Heritage Alliance, known now as iVoterGuide, in 1983. Richard helped lead the merger of iVoterGuide and American Family Association (AFA) Action in November, 2021 and now serves on the Board of Directors of AFA Action.

Jim Sneeringer, PhD.

Co-Founder, iVoterGuide

Author of the popular WORDsearch Bible study software, Jim recognized the potential of using digitized data to impact elections and proposed creating a personalized, online voter guide. Together, he and Richard Ford created iVoterGuide in 2008. Jim currently serves as advisor to the Chief Technology Officer of iVoterGuide and remains dedicated to serving God through the education of voters.